Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Top 3 Projects of 2010!

First of all, I have only been blogging since June of this year! So, I may not have as many top projects as most, but of the ones I've done, here are my top 3 favourites!! I hope you like them.

Above is my Chic Shed project my hubby and I created together...still in progress and as it's freezing outside I haven't paint/stained it yet, so in the spring I will finish and post! I have lots of plans for it, so stay in touch!

And Next is my Armoire that I painted,distressed and then glazed.

I was so frightened to tackle this baby, but with lots of encouragement from all my friends out there in blogland, I did it!!! Thank you for your advice for me. I am so happy to have finally done it.

And #3 is My Tree Bench...

I love it so much...The kids play on it, and jump on the swing, it is so charming, and adds alot to my yard. This tree is truely beautiful....
So, there you have it, my top 3 design projects of 2010! I am linking up to Rhoda's linky party of others top projects so be sure to go check them out!!!
I can't wait to share more with you as they happen in 2011. Thank you all for visiting me and leaving nice comments, they don't go unnoticed and mean so much!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Family Time!

I'm enjoying Christmas now that my big long stretch at work is over.... I get a few days off for New Years!
I hope you all are having a great holiday with your family and friends! We had a nice time visiting and having family over between my shifts. The girls are happy and got spoiled as usual!We baked, watched some favourite Christmas movies together (National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation....this pic, above is just as the squirrel jumps from the tree...classic!) and will do some fun stuff this week!
So, I will be checking in and out , but it will be slow on my part until the holidays are over.
I look forward to the New Year getting to know all my Blogland friends more!


Friday, December 17, 2010

Seeing Stars!

These are my urns outside! They are very simple, no greens...Just silver and grapevine! They aren't my favourite urns I've done, but they look pretty from the road! LOL ...They do look nice at night though.........
I think this may still be a work in progress....... any suggestions?

This is pretty on my ledge in the kitchen, and the vintage jar is adorable with the christmas scene on it....Can you see the deer? So cute!

And here is an outdoor vignette. I got this chair at an auction for 5 dollars, it's seen a few colors, but now is Red for Christmas! The stool I had the hubby make for me and painted it the same shade. The cost was 0 dollars...made from left-over wood!!!
Don't you just love the holidays?!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How To Wrap A Cat For Christmas

A friend of mine sent me this video....I thought it was cute! Obviously, this cat is very laid back, not for all cats, I'm sure!!! My cat, ( rest her soul) would have turned me into a cheese string figure of some sort!

Enjoy! (Thanks Jen!)

Happy Holidays


Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Tour of Homes!

I am excited to participate in The Nester's Christmas 2010 Tour of Homes Party! If she has a party YOU GO!!!!

So, without further adu, here is my Tour De Cindy....

My vignette on my coffee table with beautiful vintage glass ornaments!

My cute Mya....beside my holiday urns! They looks so sparkly and festive at night!

My mantle displaying colors of black, creams,silver and whites....LOVE those cute birds!

Some glitter....

And my burlap banner with the word BELIEVE hand stamped on it and beads

A cozy view of my living room by the tree at night....

Some vintage garland, with top hats, wooden skates, glass stars,burlap and rock candy-like icicles....adorable!!

And my beautiful finial tree topper in silvery sparkles!
Happy Holidays everyone!!! Go Take a peak at all the other homes and be inspired.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Won Whiskers!

I won the Movember giveaway from Aubrey and Lindsays Blog! (Here) I loved these fun props and thought they were hilarious when I seen them . I would pull them out for photo shoots with the girls or any party for a laugh! This is the gonna be so hilarious to get these in the mail!!!

So, thanks again guys, I am so excited!!! Go see the mix of mustache props on stix here!

Also, if you havent checked out their blog, I say go do it ....your in for such a treat! They are a great team redoing their home in the Beaches of Toronto. They have great style and an adorable little boy too!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Distressing Stress!

Here is my armoire that I have finished. You may remember it from here. I finally took it by the horn and sanded the hell out of it.I have to say, I was so scared to do this in fear I would ruin it! But everyone told me, you can just re-paint it. So, with that in my mind I went crazy....

I sanded where I thought made the most sense with aging furniture from hands etc....
Then I went and bought an Antique Staining Medium and some Raw Umber Acrylic Paint both Americana brand.
I used a rag and rubbed them on after mixing the two together. It seemed to deepen the color of the paint and adds alot of depth.

I then went to Lee Valley in Toronto and picked some new hardware and like the look it adds!

I would have to say I'm happy with the results. Even my hubby is impressed!
Anyways, I would say to anyone wanting to paint a piece of furniture, to GO FOR IT!!! You'll probably love it.

What do you think? Would you consider painting wood and distressing it? Thanks to my friends who had lots of advice for me. I first started considering painting this piece when I seen it done on The Nesters blog! Loved what she did with hers. Maybe I'll inspire you!!!

Below, are some other shots of the armoire

The color changes throughout the,blue-greyish

Glad it's onto the walls, can't wait to get that color changed. Thinking of China Moon by Lowes, Seaside Retreat color line. If you have any great colors that look sweet with White trim, let me know....


Sunday, December 5, 2010

O Christmas Tree!

The Santa Clause parade was tonight in our town! But I had to work..... the life of a nurse! Grrr But my hubby took my little one with some friends and then went back to an after party and had Chili, pizza, and loads of fun! Thats what kids remember, running around the house, staying up late! They had a blast. As you can tell, I'm a little bitter, but a girl has to do what she has to do.

So, anyhow, I'm home now sitting by the tree all cozy! It's sooooo cold outside, WoW!! Winter is here to stay I think.

Here is the top of my tree...It was very inexpensive and I love it! I have a Santa, star and now this lovely finial. My favourite ornaments on the tree are these glass stars. They are from the Alfred Sung collection. Gorgeous!! I also used burlap garland, silver beads, a bit of black and some wooden little skates.

I have some vintage garland as well, see the little top hats and round christmas signs. So, cool! So, there you have it. My tree for, I can't believe how fast the time goes by.
I'll be linking to some tree parties next week so, check back for lots of beautiful Tree ideas. I'll put the link up then.
Enjoy your holiday Season

Linking to: Tuesday's Treasures

Friday, December 3, 2010


Shannon , from What's Up Whimsy blog, is doing a Bloggers wishlist for the 12 days of Christmas!

Let me just say that their is an incredible amount of fabulous ideas on it! She has a list of 76 amazing bloggers ( including myself ) participating. Shown below is what I'm crushing for this year.....Do you hear me Santa?

These are From Anthropologie, (Love this store) Tea House Doorknobs....$38.00 a set!!!
So, what are you wishing for this year under your tree? If you need gift ideas go check out Shannons list... We are on day #3, so it's not too late! And thanks again Shannon for hosting this!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Vignette!

Here is a little vignette I put together with some more of my vintage ornaments! I have an addiction....
I have this lovely white platter, look at the beautiful edging, and let me tell you these ornaments are heavy! So they could never be hung on a tree, the branches would not hold them. I placed a nice cinnamon candle in the mix and the pinecone Angels were made by a friend of mine. She found pinecones, acorns and milkweeds, glued them together and sprayed them bronzie/gold! They were used as plate decorations at our work party. So pretty, and you can hang them on your tree too.Very talented girl she is!

Anywho....I am linking to Rhoda's Christmas Vignette Party
Come and join in the fun and see all the other beautiful vignettes for the holidays!


Monday, November 29, 2010


So, I've been busy getting things ready for the holidays around here! Between my crazy shifts at the hospital, I've managed somehow to get it together. I really didn't have a concrete plan of what I wanted to do, and this is what I came up with when all was said and done!
I am pleased!
I found this burlap banner on ETSY. ( my favourite online shopping place ever! )

I went with silvers, creams and blacks.... These little birds are the sweetest accents!

The " M " I had as is my last name initial, and have been collecting these vintage ornaments for a few yrs now, and added the beads.

I really like the feel, different from the usual! I may add some mini lights and possibly fresh garland, not sure yet! I like it as is and it's pretty with the votives lit at night!

So, there it is......
What do you think? Is it too unusual or a nice fresh take on holiday decor? I'd love to hear what you think.
I'll be linking to some holiday parties, so be sure to come back and see this week!
Here is where all the inspiration is people.....Check it out!!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sears: Tips for Decorating your Entryway for the Holidays

Eddie Ross, shows you how to decorate on a budget for the holidays! Check out this video he did for SEARS, and get some great tips!!!

Soooo, Gorgeous Eddie!
To see more of his great ideas go here

Plus he is doing a most generous giveaway from Sears $250.
What could be better at Christmas time?


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

They Love Me!

So, my friend Sue , from Beach Bungalow gave me this awesome STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD!
Thanks girlfriend, you are such an amazing woman, and I have learned some interesting facts about you. Go take a peek at her lovely blog!

So, now I am to tell you 8 facts about myself: So, here goes some Cindypalooza

1. I love to do dishes,'s true! I refuse to own a dishwasher and I get excited about buying new dishsoaps, different scents. I usually buy 2 at a time and alternate. Strange, sad, but true!!!

2.I get upset when I open a smartie box and the colors are all brown, or yellow. Come on people a nice rainbow mix in every box!

3. I married my high school sweetheart!

4. I am the youngest out of 3 kids, two older brothers

5.I don't tell anyone my real age, even my kids guess....stopped telling when I hit 25. I think I will tell again when I am 50.

6.I have a phobia about bedbugs, don't like to sleep in hotels, if they are old. If I have to, don't let my stuff hit the floor.

7.My first daughter Zoe, was artificially inseminated and it took many attempts, but finally worked. My youngest was a surprise 6 yrs later!

8. I love spending time alone, and make myself laugh.

So, there you have it....some facts about me! Quirky, but true.

Thanks again for this award , now I will give it to some others, so be sure to check them out


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holiday Style 101

I have been trying to decide on how to decorate my mantle for the holidays 2010!
Each year I like to change it up a little, adding things, taking away. So many beautiful decorations, one could go wild, but I find the best way to go about it is have some restraint!
Keep it simple....only a few colors, have different heights, use greenery, lights and maybe candles. Glitter, Glitter, it!!!
Also, have a direction and stick with it. Clear your mantle, have all your goodies ready, put on some holiday music, have some wine, or hot cocoa.
Most of all have fun and enjoy!
Do you have any style secrets you can share? I'd love to know.....

( all images from google)

Friday, November 12, 2010

I Won A Giveaway!!!!

I am so excited to say I am the winner of an amazing Giveaway from Ness @ Marley & Lockyer
She makes the most beautiful pillows out of incredible fabric and stunning clay tags! I have wanted some for a long time now.
I can't wait to get them in my little hands.

Thank you Ness for making my day!!

If you haven't been to her blog , I suggest you do.... and you can see my face smiling!!! Yay, for me.....

Have a great day!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I've been Tagged!!! How fun! Thanks Deborah @ this is so fun...
So, here it goes....


I have always LOVED this book" THE GIVING TREE " it has such a beautiful message and if you havent read it, I highly recommend you do. It's a must! And it makes for a great gift if you know of any small kids with a birthday coming up or a shower gift!

As alot of you know, I am a fairly new blogger! I have been a blog reader for about 3 yrs, but just started my own in June. I have so much to learn, but I love it and have met so many new and lovely talented people. You inspire me daily, and I thank you for that!!!
SOMETHING BORROWED! I borrowed this idea from the blog Adventures of a Brooklyn Limestone a few yrs ago. Hers is much more pretty, and I tried to find a vintage jar like hers, but couldn't. So I settled for a jar from IKEA.

Well ,the fabulous Eddie Ross!!
I have the biggest style crush on him!!! He is so talented!
Who could resist this beautiful Blue pantry? One of my favourites ever! I loved it and it made my heart skip a beat. Just beautiful!!!
So there you have it!
Now, I have to tag you!
Just like the poem goes....something old,something new, something borrowed, something blue.
Have fun! If you like...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Less Messy Nest!

I wanted to share a few tips of mine to keep your house a little less messy! We use blankets all the time snuggling on the sofa, but when they are all asque it looks so messy. So, I have this lovely basket that sits next to the couch with chenille throws in it . One for everyone and a few extra for company. They are all the same fabric and color, so it goes with the decor at all times!
Picking up couldn't be easier and then it looks tidier in an instant!

I use this candle holder for my coasters, and if I want a candle I can use it for that as well! It sits on the coffee table in this pretty ceramic tray. I can use it for anything really!

I have to say that these gadgets drive me insane! They are ugly, keep getting bigger, germ carriers, man controlling gizmos....I hate seeing them, let alone one in someones hands!
So, I put them in these hiding places. This book is not really a book, it opens for storage! And is so pretty. It sits above the T.V in the armoire.
The other remotes, cause we need more....I put in this office pen holder and it goes in by the t.v as well!
Out of sight is the way I like it!

So, what do you do to organize and tackle your mess and clutter? I'd love to know any secrets!!!


I'm linking to~

Less Messy Nest Linky Party! Check it out for lots of ideas....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Countdown to Halloween

Well the countdown is on for Halloween....4 days, and my youngest is EXCITED to say the least! Everyday she wants to know..."How many more days".

These are last yrs costumes! We had fun...This one is Zoe, (above) she was a prisoner with a black eye and bloody nose!

This is my lovely self! I laughed so hard when I found this mask...

Here is Mya a "British Bobby"...she wore this constantly to play in .

And here I am again with the full costume ...My sign says,"Reward Lost Puppy"
Can you find it???
And behind is not that big under all that padding!!! Just so you know,lol...

We had our friends come by as they do every halloween and it's always a surprise what they are. They come in full character too for the longest time. My kids love it!
Well, there you have it last yrs what are you going to be? So much fun, and so many possibilities! We will take lots of pic of this years costumes and show you at a later date.
Enjoy dressing up everone and have fun!!!

I'm linking to~ (Costume Inspiration Post ) Check it out!

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