Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Vignette!

Here is a little vignette I put together with some more of my vintage ornaments! I have an addiction....
I have this lovely white platter, look at the beautiful edging, and let me tell you these ornaments are heavy! So they could never be hung on a tree, the branches would not hold them. I placed a nice cinnamon candle in the mix and the pinecone Angels were made by a friend of mine. She found pinecones, acorns and milkweeds, glued them together and sprayed them bronzie/gold! They were used as plate decorations at our work party. So pretty, and you can hang them on your tree too.Very talented girl she is!

Anywho....I am linking to Rhoda's Christmas Vignette Party
Come and join in the fun and see all the other beautiful vignettes for the holidays!


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