Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Top 3 Projects of 2010!

First of all, I have only been blogging since June of this year! So, I may not have as many top projects as most, but of the ones I've done, here are my top 3 favourites!! I hope you like them.

Above is my Chic Shed project my hubby and I created together...still in progress and as it's freezing outside I haven't paint/stained it yet, so in the spring I will finish and post! I have lots of plans for it, so stay in touch!

And Next is my Armoire that I painted,distressed and then glazed.

I was so frightened to tackle this baby, but with lots of encouragement from all my friends out there in blogland, I did it!!! Thank you for your advice for me. I am so happy to have finally done it.

And #3 is My Tree Bench...

I love it so much...The kids play on it, and jump on the swing, it is so charming, and adds alot to my yard. This tree is truely beautiful....
So, there you have it, my top 3 design projects of 2010! I am linking up to Rhoda's linky party of others top projects so be sure to go check them out!!!
I can't wait to share more with you as they happen in 2011. Thank you all for visiting me and leaving nice comments, they don't go unnoticed and mean so much!


  1. No worries and thanks for linking up, the bench (and all of it) is wonderful!

  2. Love your little house and the tree bench is so neat too!! Great projects!

  3. Beautiful projects! I am doing a hutch right now too! Is that white?
    Thanks for inspiring!
    Bon @ Drab to Fab

  4. That tree bench is so cute and stylish. Did you have a tutorial that you followed for it?

  5. Ooh la la! I love your chic shed, Cynthia! I've been begging my husband to build me a backyard cottage/woman cave like this for more than two years and I've decided 2011 will be the year it happens (even if I have to do it myself--thankfully my dad is a carpenter so I won't be totally lost!)

    I'm subscribing now so I can keep up with the next steps in the project and get inspired to follow-through. And now that I see what lovely projects you also completed this year, I think I'll need to poke around see what else you have going on at Design Love.

    Happy New Year,

  6. Hi Cindy, Glad you had a nice Christmas with your family. I still just love your bench! And I can't wait to see your finished shed. You and your husband are so talented.
    Happy New Year!
    ~ Julie

  7. Hi Cindy-
    I love your projects, just fabulous, you are so very talented!!!
    Are you still having problems with the button? I know it took me a few times, a few tears most likely but I finally did it. Let me know if I can help!

  8. Hey Cindy-
    Send me over an e-mail and I'll help you :)

  9. Happy New Year Cindy! I've loved all your projects and can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for us! xox


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