Monday, January 31, 2011

Paint Colors!

Paint colors can be one of the easiest ways to change the look and feel of a room, but one of the hardest to choose! I'm linking up to the Nesters Paint Party , so be sure to check out all the great paint combinations there!
This is an amazing Color by Ben.Moore Called "Rapture"~ A beautiful deep, rich red. I used it only on a feature wall, so it wasnt' too overpowering. I used The Aura paint in this red, dried super fast.

All my trim work, mouldings, and built ins are in Ben.Moore Cloud White. My favourite white and I have used it over and over for years now! It is a warm, true white, no crazy undertones!

My living room, well I'm not a huge fan of this color looking to change it....hint, hint.....But if you like it, it's called Naturally Calm by Glidden. (ulti-matte) I also, need some art, area rug etc.....feel free to give ideas!!! (wondering if I should paint that staircase post white)

My cabinets are Cloud White ( color-matched) in a lacquer for durability. We had them custom made and sprayed .
The wall above the sink and it's wrapped around the rest of the kitchen is Benj. Moore "Gentle Cream"~ eggshell. Its a nice neutral backdrop.
Hope you go visit Nesting Place and see all the paint inspiration colors. Let me know what you think of my colors. What is your favourite paint colors in your home?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Do You Rue?

Beautiful images, and fashion as well, all mixed into one amazing magazine!

I love the way they put rooms together. Incredible....

Check out the magazine Here!



Eat Cake!

I've been feeling a little stressed lately! I've been working at the hospital lots, too much really...It's busy, chaotic and stressful!

I've had to leave so many jobs for my hubby to attend to, like swimming lessons, skating, curling and ski-trips......uggh!

I have a 50th Anniversary gathering I've had to organize for my parents for Sunday.My Hubs birthday is tomorrow, and my daughter's birthday is next Thurseday. I feel overwhelmed with trying to get things done and done well. I don't want to dissapoint anyone. I am such a big whinner.Don't feel sorry for me, I'll be fine, I just need to vent. We all must have times like this, Right?!

So, over the next while I need to chill, take it day by day.......And eat lots of Cake! LoL...


Monday, January 24, 2011

Hip and Clavicle!

We made this pottery barn knock-off bookcase for about 50 dollars, and I have to say it is the cats meow! Loving it!!!

Above was the before of My 6 yr olds room prior to adding the butterflies....

It was Mya's idea to place the crown above her name and I think it works great! But really, if you know my "Mya" she is not a princess, lol! But she wanted it up there!

I plan on painting over those green circles, and would like to replace those blinds with long panel curtains in white!

I bought these prints last year from Etsy! I framed them with Ikea frames. They are called "Girls and their Monsters"

These butterflies I received from "Hip and Clavicle" an etsy shop! They are so adorable! They are a sturdy cardstock material and look as those they are flying off the wall! 3-D like! Easy to apply, and had the little sticky on them. I bought the 20 pack so they had more of an impact!

So sweet and she loves them! I just placed them random and upside down, and sideways.....just like in nature.

You can get any color you like too. I think my favourite is that little itty-bitty one above the M.



Monday, January 17, 2011

Pottery Barn DIY Bookcase!

So, here is the AFTER, finally.....of my Pottery Barn DIY bookcase! I have been meaning to get this to you, but you know how life gets in the way sometimes!
Anyways, this is in my daughters room . I loved this mirror so much when I seen it, I had to get it!

Here is a the bookcase! Painted in cloud white, by Ben. Moore. Beadboard on the back and some decorative trim under the top shelf on the face of it. Hubby did a great job, with my instructions, don't ya think?

This baby is solid! I wanted 3 cubies on the bottom for the books and two on the top for baskets to hide all the not- so -pretties! ( we all have them, especially kids)

I had these old baskets, and just spray painted them a satin white.They were a natural straw color......much better, and the texture looks great!

So here it is, all done!!! And now no more books all over the place. It only only cost about 50 smackeroos to make, with extra material leftover for another! Better than the steep cost over a PB.
So, what do you think? Would you attempt to make your own?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

White Living

If I could imagine living in a white home it would be something like this.....

And upon entering I would love a mudroom that had this kind of charm
So, beautiful and simple!
Imagine a bath with high ceilings, so spacious and calm....

Love these doors , transums, and crystal chandeliers....yum!

White floors, candles, and walls that whisper.....

Top it all off with this to die for Kitchen and my favourite checkerboard floors......
This would be how my white living would be!

How about you? Could you live in White? Or are you more of a color Lover? Hope you enjoyed my virtual White dream.......what would yours be like????

Monday, January 10, 2011

Remembering Dean

A year ago our family lost someone very special.....This is Dean! He passed away suddenly in Vietnam were he lived and worked teaching children there! He was 32, and loved by all who knew him. Dean loved life and lived for good times with his friends and family....

Today we are remembering him ....
We miss you Dean, and think of you often! We will never forget you. We celebrate your life and the times we spent with you!
Like I said before, Heaven is a cooler place now that you are there!
May anyone who has lost someone special think of them often and smile!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I have Plans....

Does anyone recognize this sofa?

I have BIG Plans for 2011....lots of projects I want to tackle! This room is my room of shame! I need to tackle it this year......

I am planning my loft/t.v room! It isn't a big area by any means, but I need a sofa that is comfy, warm and kid friendly!

This is The KIVIK loveseat and chaise lounge from IKEA! I like the size and look with it's straight lines.

Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on this? Or any other great sofa sources??? I'd love to hear.....

Hope your all having a great first week of 2011! In order to get this room on the go, I have to get cleaning out the junk.....I want this space to be awesome! It's on the 2nd floor of my home outside of the bedrooms....for the kids mostly to hang and play!

Progress on the way, ( I hope!)


I am linking to the Nesters 2011 Home Goal Party! As well as, Tuesdays Treasures....come join the fun!
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