Wednesday, November 24, 2010

They Love Me!

So, my friend Sue , from Beach Bungalow gave me this awesome STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD!
Thanks girlfriend, you are such an amazing woman, and I have learned some interesting facts about you. Go take a peek at her lovely blog!

So, now I am to tell you 8 facts about myself: So, here goes some Cindypalooza

1. I love to do dishes,'s true! I refuse to own a dishwasher and I get excited about buying new dishsoaps, different scents. I usually buy 2 at a time and alternate. Strange, sad, but true!!!

2.I get upset when I open a smartie box and the colors are all brown, or yellow. Come on people a nice rainbow mix in every box!

3. I married my high school sweetheart!

4. I am the youngest out of 3 kids, two older brothers

5.I don't tell anyone my real age, even my kids guess....stopped telling when I hit 25. I think I will tell again when I am 50.

6.I have a phobia about bedbugs, don't like to sleep in hotels, if they are old. If I have to, don't let my stuff hit the floor.

7.My first daughter Zoe, was artificially inseminated and it took many attempts, but finally worked. My youngest was a surprise 6 yrs later!

8. I love spending time alone, and make myself laugh.

So, there you have it....some facts about me! Quirky, but true.

Thanks again for this award , now I will give it to some others, so be sure to check them out



  1. Hey Cindy,

    I'm with you on number 8; love some alone time.


  2. Very interesting information ... I always love to learn more about my blogging friends!

  3. I loved hearing more about you Cindy!
    Congrats on your deserve it!
    I'll drop by Beach Bungalow after work today :)
    Have a great weekend!

    Deborah xoxo


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