Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Less Messy Nest!

I wanted to share a few tips of mine to keep your house a little less messy! We use blankets all the time snuggling on the sofa, but when they are all asque it looks so messy. So, I have this lovely basket that sits next to the couch with chenille throws in it . One for everyone and a few extra for company. They are all the same fabric and color, so it goes with the decor at all times!
Picking up couldn't be easier and then it looks tidier in an instant!

I use this candle holder for my coasters, and if I want a candle I can use it for that as well! It sits on the coffee table in this pretty ceramic tray. I can use it for anything really!

I have to say that these gadgets drive me insane! They are ugly, keep getting bigger, germ carriers, man controlling gizmos....I hate seeing them, let alone one in someones hands!
So, I put them in these hiding places. This book is not really a book, it opens for storage! And is so pretty. It sits above the T.V in the armoire.
The other remotes, cause we need more....I put in this office pen holder and it goes in by the t.v as well!
Out of sight is the way I like it!

So, what do you do to organize and tackle your mess and clutter? I'd love to know any secrets!!!


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  1. Wow great ideas Cindy!
    That book holding the remotes is such an attractive one.
    The basket is perfect for holding your cozy throws and the coaster holders are tucked away so neatly.
    Hmmm I dont know if I have any ideas as practical as these...
    Great thinking and so pretty as well!

    Have a great weekend friend..

    Deborah :)

  2. The remote hider is such a great idea! Our problem is we always lose ours! :)

  3. Great ideas!
    I am on the lookout for a big basket now for that very purpose, but the one that I've found so far is out of my price range. Guess I'll have to keep looking. :-)
    I,too, am a real fan of hiding the uglies!

  4. I can't stand the remotes either---mainly because there are so many of them! I have a tray on my coffee table that has some decorative mason jars in it and I try to blend them in with those. I tried putting them inside of the coffee table drawer, but it was too easy for my little one to get to and lose!! The book idea is clever!

  5. Hi Cindy: I always love to see sneak peeks of your home ~ it's gorgeous! I see that you are a very organized lady, which certainly makes life easier, doesn't it? I too have a faux book to hide my converters (HomeSense)! I don't really have any great tips to share except that I do a single load of laundry every day. I know so many people who spend an entire day on the weekend catching up with their laundry but not me ~ staying on top of it keeps my laundry baskets empty and helps me feel better organized.

  6. You've been tagged!!
    Come and see me!!

    Deborah xo

  7. Hi there~ Love your idea of the 'man toys' in the faux book and the baskets look beautiful while doing a great job of holding your blankets. Loving the white slipcovered couch with that dark floor!! Thanks for sharing this at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  8. I found your blog via Cheri. Your organizational tips are great! In my front room, I bought a huge wicker trunk that we use as a coffee table. When company stops by, I can throw everything in there!


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