Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Less Messy Nest!

I wanted to share a few tips of mine to keep your house a little less messy! We use blankets all the time snuggling on the sofa, but when they are all asque it looks so messy. So, I have this lovely basket that sits next to the couch with chenille throws in it . One for everyone and a few extra for company. They are all the same fabric and color, so it goes with the decor at all times!
Picking up couldn't be easier and then it looks tidier in an instant!

I use this candle holder for my coasters, and if I want a candle I can use it for that as well! It sits on the coffee table in this pretty ceramic tray. I can use it for anything really!

I have to say that these gadgets drive me insane! They are ugly, keep getting bigger, germ carriers, man controlling gizmos....I hate seeing them, let alone one in someones hands!
So, I put them in these hiding places. This book is not really a book, it opens for storage! And is so pretty. It sits above the T.V in the armoire.
The other remotes, cause we need more....I put in this office pen holder and it goes in by the t.v as well!
Out of sight is the way I like it!

So, what do you do to organize and tackle your mess and clutter? I'd love to know any secrets!!!


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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Countdown to Halloween

Well the countdown is on for Halloween....4 days, and my youngest is EXCITED to say the least! Everyday she wants to know..."How many more days".

These are last yrs costumes! We had fun...This one is Zoe, (above) she was a prisoner with a black eye and bloody nose!

This is my lovely self! I laughed so hard when I found this mask...

Here is Mya a "British Bobby"...she wore this constantly to play in .

And here I am again with the full costume ...My sign says,"Reward Lost Puppy"
Can you find it???
And behind is not that big under all that padding!!! Just so you know,lol...

We had our friends come by as they do every halloween and it's always a surprise what they are. They come in full character too for the longest time. My kids love it!
Well, there you have it last yrs what are you going to be? So much fun, and so many possibilities! We will take lots of pic of this years costumes and show you at a later date.
Enjoy dressing up everone and have fun!!!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Armoire 911

This armoire used to be honey stain/pine! I was so afraid to paint it, not sure why, but I was....Anyhow, my problem is I like the color of it, but it needs something....

Distressing~ which I'm terrified to do!
Glazing~ to give some depth and richness to it

What should I do...I'd love some advice from you pros out there!

These pictures, for sure cement how much I hate this wall color ....I am changing that A.S.A.P!!

I left the inside mostly the wood for now...

The bottom doors and feet....this thing is solid and was made by my parents friend.

A shot of the pocket doors closed....

Here is the crown molding on it, so pretty! I used Behr Paint plus Primer ...went on like a dream!
Anyhow, I need to know what you all think.....

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Spiders and White Pumpkins!

I seen white pumpkins in urns somewhere out there in blogland, but I cant' remember who~so I'm sorry I can't give you some kudos! Mine are slightly different as I Painted "Boo" on them with outdoor acrylic paint and added lots of grapevine and outdoor mini lights. At night they look great!
And of course , MORE SPIDERS!!!!!

Here is another view against my SuperNova door! I love this color!!! I also attached the pumpkins together with a dowl.

Oh ya, and for all you spider lov'in folks, here is a REAL spider I found on my property! Yes, for real and the cool thing is look at the shadow it amazing is that???? But really can you believe the size of this baby?
Are you getting tired of halloween decor yet? Do you love white pumpkins or orange? I'd love to know...

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Shed In Progress!

Well, I thought I would show you some progress we've made on our garden shed! It's coming along well, and just adding the battons now.It's getting cold out now, so not sure if it will get stained now until spring...we'll see!

Here is the Man-servant....shhh, don't tell him I said that! I'm joking, he works so, so hard and is such a perfectionist. Yay, for me right!!! Don't you just love this door. A friend gave me the door, as she was taking it to the dump...I had it on a previous shed and brought it with me when we moved. I love it!!!

So, there you have it, a sneak peak and a break from the halloween stuff.

What do you think so far? I'm thinking of staining it to match my garage colors. Nantucket Grey and a Beige color .On the inside, I am doing a checkerboard floor! (Benjamen Moore Paints)

Any suggestions, I'd love to hear.....
Happy Thanksgiving !!!!!

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