Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Countdown to Halloween

Well the countdown is on for Halloween....4 days, and my youngest is EXCITED to say the least! Everyday she wants to know..."How many more days".

These are last yrs costumes! We had fun...This one is Zoe, (above) she was a prisoner with a black eye and bloody nose!

This is my lovely self! I laughed so hard when I found this mask...

Here is Mya a "British Bobby"...she wore this constantly to play in .

And here I am again with the full costume ...My sign says,"Reward Lost Puppy"
Can you find it???
And behind is not that big under all that padding!!! Just so you know,lol...

We had our friends come by as they do every halloween and it's always a surprise what they are. They come in full character too for the longest time. My kids love it!
Well, there you have it last yrs what are you going to be? So much fun, and so many possibilities! We will take lots of pic of this years costumes and show you at a later date.
Enjoy dressing up everone and have fun!!!

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  1. Hi Cindy ~ Very, very COOL costumes! Hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween! ~Cheers~

  2. So cute Cindy!!
    I'm laughing at your costume because a few years ago my brother got me a birthday card that had that on it...I laughed! And then I thought..hmmmm..are you trying to get some point across?! lol
    Anyway it looks like you all had lots of fun...cant wait to see your costumes this year!
    Have a great day my friend...

    Deborah xoxo

  3. HYSTERICAL! Everybody looks great!



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