Saturday, November 5, 2011


White Subway Tile

Retro Hexagon Tiles


Heated flooring!!!

So, I made some decisions as far as Laundry room finishes go. I've picked and purchased the flooring.I chose White Hexagon floor tiles. And White Subway tile for the backsplash . I am so excited, and can not wait to see it installed.

I decided to try heated flooring and went with a company called "Warmly Yours" The picture above shows you how to install it, with the thin-set, then your tiles. The company's website was very user friendly as well as the customer service. My hubby was impressed with the product and had no trouble with the install.

Have any of you installed heated flooring, and if so did you like it???

We are ready to go ahead and lay the tile. So now, I am designing a layout of how I want the cabinetry to look.

Hoping to show you more soon!!!



Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Laundry Room Makeover and an Irritated Husband!

Hello! I've been daydreaming of beautiful laundry rooms forever it seems, and now it's in progress! It's hard to start a project when your so busy with daily life, but apparently all it takes is to get your hubby all irritated. Who knew!!! But anyways , he started tearing it apart to my delight. So now, I'm researching and deciding on finishes and layout.

Pardon the plunger in the

It's not a large room, it's long and somewhat narrow. So that's a challenge in itself. Did I tell you how much I hate wire shelving? Well it's true and I can't wait to get rid of these as they came with the house. I like to hide my clutter.

You can see the ugly laminate floor that was in here..... Crobar, meet ugly laminate floor! Some plumbing has to be moved but that shouldn't bee too difficult. We'll see.

So there you have it! Its officially started. You may wonder why a toilet is in the laundry room, well on the other end is a small powder room, it's being re-done too.

We are putting in heated flooring, as we've always wanted to try it. More on that later. As far as style, I'm thinking a little Vintage/ Classic with a Farmhouse feel. Does that even make sense???

I'm very excited and I think my husband is happy now. He can't stay mad for too long as I'm far to cute!!!

I'll update the progress as it happens.



Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mario Birthday Party!

Hello everyone!

I have been away from Blogland for awhile, but hopefully not forgotten! I still read all your wonderful blogs daily, but haven't been able to post due to summer holidays, rental renos, and work! I'm sure you all understand.

Mya is turning 7!! She requested a Super Mario Birthday Party this year.( Super Mario isn't just for Boys!!! ) You can't find any store bought decor anywhere, so the inspriation came from others out there. I made my own!!!

I used clipArt found from One Hip Mom's blog! She made this so incredibly easy, so feel free to go to the link if you need anything.

I made my own bunting banner with Super Mario colors and clipart!( Instead of streamers.)

I spruced up some plain old yellow cups with some racing flag ribbon and lables I had in my craft box. I think they look super! I will put each childs name on the Lable, using a sharpie!

I also, have colored napkins, bowls, & utensils in the theme colors!

Loot Bag goodies....Everything Super Mario!!! ( Found at HMV and the dollar store)

The bags I bought ,and just glued on some of the clip art. Love them!!!

The Menu will consist of:

Brick Pizza (Square pizza cute in rectangles)

Bullet Bills Angry Bites(salt & Vinegar chips)

Bowsers Fire Food (Ketchup chips)
Bite the Boo's ( Cake Pops dipped in white icing and boo faces) Pics to follow!!

Yoshi Eggs ( m&m candies)

Super Mario Fuel (Gingerale/juice boxes)

Super Mario Cupcakes Green & Red Iced

These food sticks will be so cute on the food table!

Our party will be at "Zap Attack", a local laser tag place!!!

Gonna be a Super Fun time!!!


Monday, June 13, 2011

A Confirmation and DIY Party Sign!!!

Hello Everyone! Hope you had a great weekend!

We were busy getting ready for my daughters Confirmation! She has been busy for weeks doing volunteer hours, letters to the Bishop, and researching her chosen Saint. Lots and lots of work on her part, more than I ever had to do when I was confirmed.

Anyways, it was a great day, spent with Family. We had a BBQ, and lots of good eats.

I made some cheap and easy decorations for the occasion. Anything to keep the cost down.

I just used card- stock paper, ribbon and leftover letter stickers here! I always tend to hang stuff off of my that strange? Does anyone else do this??

Here is my "PARTY" Banner over the island. I love how it turned out. I wish I had gotten photos of the food displayed, but I was too busy and then it just looked picked over. I used all white bowls, plates , platters and cake stands for height. It looked great!!!

This is my supplies for the Banner. I used this glitter tape, hard to work with until you get the hang of it, but it looks awesome. (It's the black border on the top of the banner) This took me no longer than 30 minutes, and I can use it over again.

Zoe and the Bishop!

Saint Cecilia!

She chose her for her love of music.

What a great day!



Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In Neutral

Hello everyone! I've been vacant lately. I've been busy getting my rentals ready for the new group of kids coming. I've been cleaning, picking out paint colors, fixing nail holes in walls etc... But it has to get done! I love trying to make these homes nice and clean for each new group every year. I want them to enjoy the space and have a happy experience while away from home. What an exciting time in their life!!!

So, I was wondering....does anyone have a favourite neutral??? I have so many picked out but they can be so tricky. Too yellow, too pink, or just green in different light. I'm so confused. You think this would be easy!!!

Until I figure this out, I'll be in neutral too....So help me out if you would be so kind!

I miss you guys!!!




Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Must Have!

Okay, one of my" Must Haves" is my Cotton Candy Lip Smacker by Bonne Bell!

I can't leave the house without it. A girl has to have nice soft, shiny kissable lips right? And plus it smells so yummy, a major plus and a must in my books!

I have one in my purse, make-up drawer, work bag (that one is ginormous) and car! The best part is it's only 1.75.......fab-amundo!!!

So, thought I would share one of my must haves! Try it, it's the Best! Do you have a must have? I'd love to hear, really I would!!!! Come on Tell me, don't keep it to yourself, were friends right?



Saturday, April 23, 2011

Final Preparations....

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all getting excited for the Easter Bunny.I have been Busy all day cleaning, and checking my grocery list twice. Making sure I have everything I will need to prepare a feast for our families.

I wanted a simple, yet fun centrepiece for the table....I am happy with how it turned out! Some artificial turf, branches, beads , butterflies and tea-lites will do the trick. It took a little tweaking, as I am a bit of a perfectionist/anal, but I finally got the look I was after!

I went out to the yard to collect branches ,added my leftover butterflies and voila! I feel less is really more, and I love the rustic feel.

And I'm using my rainboot vase! Hello, ultra coolio....

I hung some on my chandelier too!!! Anymore, and I'm going overboard, so now I stop. Time to think about the Menu.

Can't wait to search for the Eggs in the morning with my little bunnies. How adorable is this? She can hardly wait.

Happy Easter To You All


Monday, April 18, 2011

Gallery Walls


I have been admiring gallery walls on many blogs lately, here are a few of my favourites! I have to say I'm frightened of the idea of trying this, but just look at how stunning they are! It seems the more random and light hearted the approach , the more I like it. Maybe I've just been over thinking hanging things on my wall....

I love the fun additions added in.

Vintage looking Mirrors is an awesome idea!
A Chalkboard wall

I love this one so much! I seen it on blogland and can't remember who's it is, but" WoW," is all I have to say!
I want one of those (&) in the worst way...... and that wall color is to die for! If anyone knows please pass it along to me!!!

So, what is your favourite? Do you have a gallery wall? Would you consider one in your home? I will show you when I get my courage and ideas together! Wish me luck!

Have a great week Everyone!



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Accents

I hope everyone is getting outside enjoying the sunshine and warmer weather! The last few days here have been lovely....I think Spring has sprung!

I love tulips and it's always a must for me to get some every year! I found this vase and thought it was perfect and fun...a rubber boot! I got it for a steal too! I'm not sure, but I think the tulips are white!

I love these ceramic bird ornaments in white, so pretty!

Happy Spring Everyone!



Saturday, April 2, 2011


So, I woke to my hubby asking me if I had to walk home from work last night because my car wasn't in the lane-way! I jumped out of bed thinking I had left the keys in it all night and that it had been stolen.... I ran downstairs all frantic to look, my heart was pounding, and half asleep I may add, to see it still there!

Gotcha, he says, Laughing hysterically at my reaction!

How about you? Any great April Fool stories to share????



Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Is In The Air....

photo: House & Home

Well, we are a few days into Spring here in Ontario, but it is freezing outside!!! The Sun is shining though, which is nice and brings us hope that it is going to warm up!

I thought I'd share this spring room with it's interesting fresh green walls, and simple floral blind. I love how sunny and fresh it looks!

Are you thinking of ways to freshen up your rooms for Spring? Making it lighter and brighter?

I'm know I'm going to try....


Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I'm still eyeing this settee from Ballard Designs.....waiting for a sale! I would love to put it in my bay window with my table and some chairs.
My daughter just turned 13! This was her gift, to see Lady GaGa ....she was in heaven!

And some other inspiration, I have found online.....amazing! Could you imagine having a side entrance as awesome as this??? Wow....

And this kitchen took my breath away! It is a beauty. I wanted one of those spigot thing-a-mijigs....but didn't end up getting one.....grrr!

What have you been loving on this week?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nie Nie's New Life!

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to read The Nie Nie Dialogues!

She is the strongest, most beautiful woman I know. I love her courage and realness she brings forth.

She makes me realize what I have when life gets you down. She helps me put things into perspective.
What an inspiration! If you haven't followed Stephanie Nielson's story, I suggest you do.

Watch the video and let me know what you think!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

This and That!

So, this has got to be the worst closet mess ever!!! It is empty now, but I am having a hard time trying to come up with ways to use the space the best way, and make it pretty too! GRRRR.....
I went to Ikea and got some shoe organizers that attach to the wall, and a pretty bucket from Winners for umbrellas and such.

What a disaster, don't judge please! If you have any advice send them my way......
I took bags of shoes and old coats to the good will, but need to edit some more!

Just one of the many things I've been tackling, between my shifts at the hospital and children.

This is sweet Mya at Chemong Lodge. We went for a family Sunday Brunch and they also had the ice sculptures on display, see the beautiful!

Zoe, turned 13! Wow....We always get a Baskin Robbins Gold Medal Ribbon Cake for her and whatever she wants drawn on it. She received Lady Ga-Ga tickets from her dad and myself and went crazy!!!

Another ice sculpture! They were so beautiful in the sun. Inside they had a huge alligator head by the buffet, it was gorgeous!

My girls! My parents just celebrated their 50 th Anniversary this day and my brother had his new fiance here as well!

Some Roses my hubby got for his girls on Love Day!!! Thats a few things I've been up to, not much decorating projects on the go. I've been busy with work at the hospital.
Still Sofa shopping for the kids loft area upstairs....I just can't decide!!! Hoping to get back to it soon!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Heart Day

I've been crafting away all day with my little one for Valentines Day! I made this wreath for my front door.

Here is a closer look at the little glass embellishments I added, cute eh!

My attempt at some kind of bow, but hey, it' doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful, right?!

Mya is obsessed with Mario and his gang. I looked all over and no one sells Valentines of them, so we made our own. I found these candies, got some martha stewart tags and ribbon. I like how they turned out and she just signed the back. (That green guy is Yoshi , I think he's my fav!)

Happy Heart Day to you all!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


I needed to get on top of Valentine decor, I've been a busy girl lately....So, I made these vintage valentine girls that I found on the internet. (free download) I went and got some nice cardstock from Michaels and cut, glued and added some pretty ribbon.

On the back I placed these cute Martha Stewart labels and added some love notes, like you see above, SWAK (sealed with a kiss) and xoxo some others like love me, love me not etc....

Arent' they sweet!!!
The black and White push pins add a nice touch and helps the ribbon stay in place.

I'm happy with them, and so are the kids!

Are you ready for Love Day?


Linking to: Make it 4 Monday
: Metamorphosis Monday

Monday, January 31, 2011

Paint Colors!

Paint colors can be one of the easiest ways to change the look and feel of a room, but one of the hardest to choose! I'm linking up to the Nesters Paint Party , so be sure to check out all the great paint combinations there!
This is an amazing Color by Ben.Moore Called "Rapture"~ A beautiful deep, rich red. I used it only on a feature wall, so it wasnt' too overpowering. I used The Aura paint in this red, dried super fast.

All my trim work, mouldings, and built ins are in Ben.Moore Cloud White. My favourite white and I have used it over and over for years now! It is a warm, true white, no crazy undertones!

My living room, well I'm not a huge fan of this color looking to change it....hint, hint.....But if you like it, it's called Naturally Calm by Glidden. (ulti-matte) I also, need some art, area rug etc.....feel free to give ideas!!! (wondering if I should paint that staircase post white)

My cabinets are Cloud White ( color-matched) in a lacquer for durability. We had them custom made and sprayed .
The wall above the sink and it's wrapped around the rest of the kitchen is Benj. Moore "Gentle Cream"~ eggshell. Its a nice neutral backdrop.
Hope you go visit Nesting Place and see all the paint inspiration colors. Let me know what you think of my colors. What is your favourite paint colors in your home?

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