Saturday, November 5, 2011


White Subway Tile

Retro Hexagon Tiles


Heated flooring!!!

So, I made some decisions as far as Laundry room finishes go. I've picked and purchased the flooring.I chose White Hexagon floor tiles. And White Subway tile for the backsplash . I am so excited, and can not wait to see it installed.

I decided to try heated flooring and went with a company called "Warmly Yours" The picture above shows you how to install it, with the thin-set, then your tiles. The company's website was very user friendly as well as the customer service. My hubby was impressed with the product and had no trouble with the install.

Have any of you installed heated flooring, and if so did you like it???

We are ready to go ahead and lay the tile. So now, I am designing a layout of how I want the cabinetry to look.

Hoping to show you more soon!!!




  1. I'm in the middle of refreshing my laundry room (with mostly just paint and accessories) as well. I love the hexagon tiles!

  2. So, exciting, but painfully slow....:(

  3. Happy New Year Cindy! I see you've still got your creative juices flowing and that handy hubby of yours still working! Can't wait to see the laundry room reveal. All the best for 2012 and thanks for the Welcome Back!

  4. White subway tiles and heated ceramic floors?!
    Beautiful Cindy!
    We have a couple of ceramic floors in our home but none of them heated.
    How do you like it?
    Its gorgeous and Im excited for the full reveal.
    I'll wait, don't you worry! :)
    Love to you this weekend!

    Deborah xoxoxox

  5. The hexagon tiles are just right for your laundry. The simplicity is appropriate for the purpose of the room. It’s a good thing you didn't neglect the style of your laundry room. In a sense, you maintained a semblance of balance in your house. You’ll have fun doing laundry at home this time. Just make sure that your floors are not too slippery. We don't want any accidents right?

    Alana Geikie


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