Saturday, February 19, 2011

This and That!

So, this has got to be the worst closet mess ever!!! It is empty now, but I am having a hard time trying to come up with ways to use the space the best way, and make it pretty too! GRRRR.....
I went to Ikea and got some shoe organizers that attach to the wall, and a pretty bucket from Winners for umbrellas and such.

What a disaster, don't judge please! If you have any advice send them my way......
I took bags of shoes and old coats to the good will, but need to edit some more!

Just one of the many things I've been tackling, between my shifts at the hospital and children.

This is sweet Mya at Chemong Lodge. We went for a family Sunday Brunch and they also had the ice sculptures on display, see the beautiful!

Zoe, turned 13! Wow....We always get a Baskin Robbins Gold Medal Ribbon Cake for her and whatever she wants drawn on it. She received Lady Ga-Ga tickets from her dad and myself and went crazy!!!

Another ice sculpture! They were so beautiful in the sun. Inside they had a huge alligator head by the buffet, it was gorgeous!

My girls! My parents just celebrated their 50 th Anniversary this day and my brother had his new fiance here as well!

Some Roses my hubby got for his girls on Love Day!!! Thats a few things I've been up to, not much decorating projects on the go. I've been busy with work at the hospital.
Still Sofa shopping for the kids loft area upstairs....I just can't decide!!! Hoping to get back to it soon!


  1. I am a new follower from the blog hop! I would love it if you stopped by sometime!

  2. I totally am with you on the closet issue..I just finished cleaning mine up the other day..what a disaster!
    Im sure my hubby had everything under the sun in caps, boots, shoes, minnows in a cooler, an auger for his is now under control again..thank goodness!
    Its so hard to get everything done when you work full-time and take care of your family and household too..I completely understand Cindy..:)
    Looks like your family had fun...your children are beautiful!
    Have a great weekend my friend...xo

    Deborah xo


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