Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In Neutral

Hello everyone! I've been vacant lately. I've been busy getting my rentals ready for the new group of kids coming. I've been cleaning, picking out paint colors, fixing nail holes in walls etc... But it has to get done! I love trying to make these homes nice and clean for each new group every year. I want them to enjoy the space and have a happy experience while away from home. What an exciting time in their life!!!

So, I was wondering....does anyone have a favourite neutral??? I have so many picked out but they can be so tricky. Too yellow, too pink, or just green in different light. I'm so confused. You think this would be easy!!!

Until I figure this out, I'll be in neutral too....So help me out if you would be so kind!

I miss you guys!!!





  1. Hi Cindy,
    Hope all is well. You'll have to tell me more about the rentals you're working on.
    Are you looking for a neutral paint color?
    I like paint in creamy beige without pink tones.
    Sherwin Williams Latte is a good darker neutral.
    If you just want to know our favorite neutrals, right now mine is canvas, light tan with great texture.
    Have a great week/weekend!
    ~ Julie

  2. Thanks Julie!

    I will check out that SW color! I have chose a neutral for my rental #1, it's called Antique White from Behr...it has no pinky undertones! Hard to find a good one! And it depends on every spaces light.
    I am looking for a neutral as well for my own living room, and have swatches all over the walls trying to decide.
    I have 3 rental houses I'm getting ready for University students, so I have one more to paint.Very busy, hence the lack of posts for me!
    Take Care!


  3. I used antique white..using the colour by CIL and Beyr paint for the actual paint. Love, love, love it!!!
    Miss you!!

    Deborah xoxoxo


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