Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mario Birthday Party!

Hello everyone!

I have been away from Blogland for awhile, but hopefully not forgotten! I still read all your wonderful blogs daily, but haven't been able to post due to summer holidays, rental renos, and work! I'm sure you all understand.

Mya is turning 7!! She requested a Super Mario Birthday Party this year.( Super Mario isn't just for Boys!!! ) You can't find any store bought decor anywhere, so the inspriation came from others out there. I made my own!!!

I used clipArt found from One Hip Mom's blog! She made this so incredibly easy, so feel free to go to the link if you need anything.

I made my own bunting banner with Super Mario colors and clipart!( Instead of streamers.)

I spruced up some plain old yellow cups with some racing flag ribbon and lables I had in my craft box. I think they look super! I will put each childs name on the Lable, using a sharpie!

I also, have colored napkins, bowls, & utensils in the theme colors!

Loot Bag goodies....Everything Super Mario!!! ( Found at HMV and the dollar store)

The bags I bought ,and just glued on some of the clip art. Love them!!!

The Menu will consist of:

Brick Pizza (Square pizza cute in rectangles)

Bullet Bills Angry Bites(salt & Vinegar chips)

Bowsers Fire Food (Ketchup chips)
Bite the Boo's ( Cake Pops dipped in white icing and boo faces) Pics to follow!!

Yoshi Eggs ( m&m candies)

Super Mario Fuel (Gingerale/juice boxes)

Super Mario Cupcakes Green & Red Iced

These food sticks will be so cute on the food table!

Our party will be at "Zap Attack", a local laser tag place!!!

Gonna be a Super Fun time!!!



  1. I have a soft spot for Mario ;) LOVE your details!! SO awesome!!

    We are hosting a "party" event on our blog next month and would love to feature you and your party!! Please email us at jandmseyecandy@hotmail.com if you're interested :) Pls put "party week" in the subject line ;) THANKS so much for sharing :)


  2. Happy birthday to Mya!!
    What a fun birthday celebration! The food sounds great too:)
    Cute party decoratons too Cindy!!
    You put alot of love and thought into this party and Im sure Mya loved it!!
    Hope your summer has been a good one!!
    Ive missed you :)

    Deborah xoxo


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