Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vintage Pretty!

Aren't these letters just gorgeous!!!! I am eyeing them on Etsy.....thinking maybe for my bedroom, our initials on the wall.... they are from

This bedding is also so beautiful, would look awesome on my bed.....maybe for my birthday?Her fabulous site is a must see!

Oh and I can't forget some throw pillows too, these would be wonderful!!!! I can see it all together now! Go check out all the amazing stuff on these sites!!!
Enjoy all the pretty eye candy!


  1. You should definitely splurge on those letters! How cute!

    Eddie & Jaithan

  2. I think your right Eddie! I love them.....Etsy Rocks it!


  3. These letters are very cool! My daughter hung letters in her bedroom; she used their initials that we purchased at Joann's and painted black and used at her wedding.
    Love the new styles of linen and burlap, and it is inexpensive. Way better than the $30/yard designer fabrics.
    ~ Julie

  4. Loving it all!!! The letters are fabulous- I cut letters out of wood to out above my bed several years ago- because I didn't find the right size and I love them! You should definitely get them! and the bedding~ LOVE IT!!! :)
    Courtney @ french country cottage

  5. Hi there--I just found your blog via Nester's comments, and I am in LOVE with this bedding. Ideas are bouncing around in my head! We have a dog that INSISTS on being on my bed (with giant claws), so I am going to have to make an inexpensive duvet cover. I'm thinking of taking this idea and running with it! I can see canvas drop cloths tea stained with this kind of typography painted, stenciled, or done with the computer. wheels are a' turning! Do you mind if I link back to your blog?



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