Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shabby Fab!

I love this shabby chic ruffled pillow.I have been eyeing it for this chair I had recovered for my daughters room. Isn't it cute with the crown! I've been waiting to see if I find anything locally, but no luck yet,so why wait any longer!!!

Here is a shot of the ruffled skirt. I think it's adorable! I have this little old man do all my reupholstering...he is a sweetheart too. He comes and gets it, and brings it back to me, and with great prices as well! I've had this chair recovered twice now, but I've done others over and over too,since they are good quality. This fabric is white duck cotton. So beautiful!

Look at this ottoman! It is so versatile being white and I just made sure it is treated in case of dirty feet or hands. But I know, it will be recovered again someday anyways, so no biggie!
So, do you think that pillow will finish it off nicely ??? I'd love to hear your thoughts....


  1. Your upholsterer does fabulous work! Your pieces look beautiful. The pillow is very sweet and would really compliment the chair in your daughter's room. I know what you mean about trying to find stuff like that locally - it simply doesn't happen. I have toyed around with the idea of having some kind of online store, featuring local artists, selling these types of wares. Anytime I want something I have to order it from the U.S.A. Many items have gone through Customs and have had additional fees tacked on! I'm hoping to make more Candian contacts with my blog. Anyways, go for it! Get the pillow. I'll be doing a post this week about pillows I've purchased from Etsy and the fact that I just started sewing classes last night. When I become an accomplished seamstress (haha) I will happily make pillows for you.

    Take care - Lisa@Suburban Retreat

  2. Hi, I just found your blog through the lovely Sandy at Paint me White...love your chair, have you seen Sandy's slip cover transformation for ottomans, reminded me of yours,as it is a similar style with the cute ruffle and you can wash them when they get a few marks, cheers Katherine

  3. Hi. You have such great taste!! Anything you pick out will look lovely! Thanks for visiting our tablescape.
    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Julie

  4. I think the pillow would look darling on the chair! Love the chair and ottoman! Really cute!

  5. You're lucky to have found that 'little old man'! Recovering is soooo expensive; wish I could find someone affordable.


  6. Your upholsterer is amazing! What a great job he has done. I have an old chair just like that which has a white slipcover on it.
    Thanks for stopping by for avisit too...glad you did.
    Ness xx

  7. I want the name of your upholsterer does amazing work. Love love the ruffle on the ottoman !!

    Thanks for visiting me!

  8. The chair looks great and I love the pillow...very cute!

  9. I love the upholstery job~the set looks fab! I am your newest follower.

  10. The chair is beautiful Cynthia and that pillow is perdect! Love everything about it!!
    They would comliment each other quite nicely...

    Happy day to you..

    Deborah xo


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