Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bat girls Rockin it !!!!

Just thought I'd share some of my daughters most recent Art! She's huge into cartooning and animation. She can sit and draw for hours....She is 12 and has been doing this for the last 3 yrs first we thought it was a phase and would pass, but they keep on coming and get more elaborate! Check out the details.....

And here is Nurse Annie Williams...... wow!!!

Look at those boots!!! What would my patients think if I showed up in those babies!!!! I'd probably get taken to the psyche ward with those wings! Lol....

This one is neat, it's called " Black Flames " I can see it now.....where does she come up with this stuff???

Different isn't it.....What do you think?


  1. HI, Cindy, thanks for stopping by!

    YOur daughter is very talented, maybe she can use it in her career eventually.

  2. I think your daughter is very, very talented, and I hope she pursues it. I am not an artist, but work with an art gallery as it's part of our church, Starting Grounds Church & Coffee House.
    She could enter some art contests and probably display her work. Are these characters she has made up?
    ~ Julie

  3. That is one talented little girl you have there! Congrats!

    Eddie & Jaithan

  4. Are you kidding! Your daughter's art is incredible. Okay Cindy, a trend is now starting to emerge from your blog - you have some really skilled people in your family - from hubby's handle on the tools; your ability to pull a design together; to your daughter's artistic skills. What a group!

    Lisa :)

  5. Great pictures! Your daughter definitely has a talent for artwork!

  6. What was your question from a while back I must have missed that , sorry .
    Your daughters drawers are amazing , you should take her to the Fan Expo bet she would love it , my hubby is going to be there , he is in animation , she should check out his new show Sidekick on YTV September 3rd 4:30 that is a sneak peek.

  7. she may enjoy the art on my husbands blog ,

  8. There is really no way to "protect" your images , or ideas , trust me we know about that , she could start a blog and publish her images that way , just have fun with it , if it is still her passion maybe she could go to Sheridan College in Oakville .

  9. I think her drawings are excellent, can't believe they are done by a child, they look very professional.


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