Saturday, July 3, 2010

Old is where it's at!!!

This is my flagstone walkway in the front of my house...hated it at first, but added some purple thyme and it looks a bit better.However, the weeds are taking over...messy looking!! I need to dig out some spots and add limestone screening to clean it up a little. Also I would like to make it wider . Any suggestions...riping it out is not an option as my hubby says..... so I have to make it work!!! I posted this pic for Christine, at "Just beachy", as she is creating a beautiful walkway as we speak!

This is my old the photo from my other post, "Door Love"... what a beauty!

When we first looked at buying this house, I was in love with the door at first sight! It is so pretty.We painted it a soft creamy color like the outer trim! The old owners told us it was hidden in the wall and they found it and opened it up! Can you imagine hiding this baby????

This is my front door...used to be white...I love the purple, but it needs more...(.trim surround to beef it up?) Got to get on my hubby for his help, as I am no good with tools! I wish I was, but it's not me!!! I just come up with the Any suggestions for me?? I'd love to hear....

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