Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Etsy !

I ordered this custom back pack and lunch bag for my 6 yr old for grade One! I couldn't find any Paul Frank ones anywhere, and she is obsessed with him! He's way cool, so how could I not find it for her.....So to no avail...ETSY came to my rescue yet again! For those who don't know Etsy is an online shopping tool! An outlet for talented people to create and sell their stuff. I have used it alot and it is so easy and SAFE!!!

This one came from "teacher mom", she makes these and they are so well stitched an thermal lined. Such good quality, and exactly what we wanted. She is thrilled.

My beautiful Mya, going to school full time....what will I do? If you want any cool children and toddler stuff, go to www.teachermom.etsy.com
I love ETSY, and so will you!!!
Happy shopping!


  1. Mya is adorable! Sending the wee ones off to school for full days is a big step. I'm sure she'll be fine, as will you.

    I too have shopped for many beautiful items from Etsy. There sure are talented people out there selling their wares.

    I live in Brampton, Ontario and the pictures of the nice property on my blog are from cottaging and my BF's farm in Sunderland. Quite the contrary, I have a small postage stamp property that I'm trying to make the most of. Hopefully in retirement I can live in a rural area but our jobs keep us here for now.

    Lisa@Suburban Retreat

  2. Your daughter is so cute! Great shout-out to Etsy!!!

    Eddie & Jaithan

  3. What a happy girl and a good Mommy for finding such clever things on etsy!

  4. I Love Etsy and have so much good luck finding exactly what I'm looking for there!


  5. Just found your blog. Love you kitchen! Now following. Letitia


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