Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beach Babes!

This summer has been so hot in Ontario, we find we are thinking of ways to stay cool. So we went south to Cobourg beach. It is such an amazing beach.I highly recommend going.Plus there are some amazing houses here and it's worth driving around and Port Hope is up the road and the houses there are so old and beautiful!!! We do a drive about just to lookie-loo.....

Mya is our fish in the family....she can stay in the water for hours! She keeps herself entertained and is in her glory here.

She really needs the lifejacket, but when daddy's close by it's off playing by the shore. Then on again. You can never be too safe!!!

Just a pic of my hubby....cute eh! He's such a good dad!

My older daughter wouldn't let me snap any photos, so here's one I got of her being amused by making sand balls and at one point she was surrounded by seagulls . Maybe they know something we don' She's coming up on the teenage yrs, and all I can say is somebody pour me a drink!!!!...overall we had a great day, it was so relaxing. Just what summer should be about! I hope you get to a beach this summer.

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