Friday, September 17, 2010

Halloween Music!!!

I had to share this with you, because if you love Halloween like we do...this is a must for you! My girls and myself love Kristen Lawrence's CD above. "A Broom with a View" It is organ music and so fun and spooky but in a classy way. Her cat is actually a vocalist in some

You can find her cd and have a listen at You are going to love it!

I can't wait as it gets us so in the mood for Halloween.

She is beautiful and very talented You can find out more about her here as well

Happy Listening Everyone! Let me know what you think about her music and if you have a favourite halloween cd....


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  1. I'm going to head over and listen to Kristen's music. I almost bought a Halloween CD yesterday because we like to have the scary music playing in the background when the kids come trick or treating! I can't seem to find the one I used last year. BTW - a job posting at my work has come out for a small office in your community. I have been on MLS dreaming of moving out that way but Hubby is not interested. I have 3 weeks to work on him!


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