Thursday, June 24, 2010

My garage in progress!

This is my husband and I are kinda like a design team! I draw it out and design and he builds it.That is what we did here....We had it put to paper and go through the legal hoops, but it finally happened. I love especially how it looks in the winter, the color looks very different against the snow and bare trees! We still have more to do and the upstairs will be a loft/apt, not sure yet! I LOVE it....we actually have cars stop and stare!

Here it is today, in the summer.Still need trim on upstairs windows,and lights, battons etc. I was wondering if I should add some orange color, to tie in with house.....possibly on side doors and upper trim detail! I will have to think about it as we go!!!
Reminds me of an old carriage house! Do you like???


  1. Do I like I wish I could buy , you have a real gem of a house there, you should be very very proud.

  2. This is gorgeous!!! Is your husband a carpenter/builder?
    I think it would look good to do some paint that ties it in with the house. Where is it in relation to the house?
    I love everything about your place and I'm looking forward to following your progress! I love, love old homes with architecture; and you're doing my dream . . . fixing up an old house . . . and a Victorian!
    ~ Julie


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