Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A snails pace and a sink!


I have been pulling my hair out doing this laundry/bathroom. It is going so slow!!! But besides all that, I have found and purchased this lovey sink from IKEA. It is the Lillangen and it comes in 3 sizes. And only $90.00 Can you say "Awesome"

I thought a sink would be out of the question, due to space issues.But I was determined to make it work and found this one that is 16 x 16 inches. To me a laundry room needs a sink or it's just weird to me. So, I am so happy and can't wait to show you it installed!

I have purchased a cute faucet as well ! Next on the list is lighting, and obviously the plumbing for the sink.

I hope to be back sooner with more progress.




  1. Good morning Cindy!
    Wow...that is a gorgeous sink!
    Don't you just love Ikea?!
    I know, most times, big projects like this take a while in the process. But when it's finished you'll be ecstatic!
    The bones of our bathroom re-do is done..now I'm just waiting for hubby to finish some ceiling work and wall touches before I can paint her up.
    I love your sink faucet too!
    I have my eye on the apron sink from Ikea for our kitchen..one day!
    Love to you sweet friend and a happy week ahead to you!

    Deborah xoxo

  2. You can always count on Ikea...even for a 16x16 inch sink! Sounds like it's really coming along.
    xo E + J


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