Saturday, January 15, 2011

White Living

If I could imagine living in a white home it would be something like this.....

And upon entering I would love a mudroom that had this kind of charm
So, beautiful and simple!
Imagine a bath with high ceilings, so spacious and calm....

Love these doors , transums, and crystal chandeliers....yum!

White floors, candles, and walls that whisper.....

Top it all off with this to die for Kitchen and my favourite checkerboard floors......
This would be how my white living would be!

How about you? Could you live in White? Or are you more of a color Lover? Hope you enjoyed my virtual White dream.......what would yours be like????


  1. I could totally live in white. I have a white car, white couches, some white walls, a white kitchen. It just doesn't look as incredible as these pictures.

  2. nice images...isn't the white lovely? I'm working on introducing more to my home as it fits here and there. I'm diggin your blog!

  3. Oh yes! white is it! Love your dream!
    Pink Hugs,

  4. It is lovely but I need more colour than that - more neutrals and colours inspired by nature. Beautiful photos though, thanks!

  5. Just beautiful pictures!! I could live in white but I think that I would have to add some color here and there! :)


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