Monday, January 24, 2011

Hip and Clavicle!

We made this pottery barn knock-off bookcase for about 50 dollars, and I have to say it is the cats meow! Loving it!!!

Above was the before of My 6 yr olds room prior to adding the butterflies....

It was Mya's idea to place the crown above her name and I think it works great! But really, if you know my "Mya" she is not a princess, lol! But she wanted it up there!

I plan on painting over those green circles, and would like to replace those blinds with long panel curtains in white!

I bought these prints last year from Etsy! I framed them with Ikea frames. They are called "Girls and their Monsters"

These butterflies I received from "Hip and Clavicle" an etsy shop! They are so adorable! They are a sturdy cardstock material and look as those they are flying off the wall! 3-D like! Easy to apply, and had the little sticky on them. I bought the 20 pack so they had more of an impact!

So sweet and she loves them! I just placed them random and upside down, and sideways.....just like in nature.

You can get any color you like too. I think my favourite is that little itty-bitty one above the M.




  1. So cute Cindy!
    I love that crown too.
    I had seen one a few summers ago while on holidays and I have regretted not picking it up...sheesh :s
    Deborah xo

  2. I'm with Mya - the crown needed to be there - what a ROCKIN' room, lucky girl! Happy White Wednesday - Tanya

  3. Oh how fun! I just love it! Bet little one does too!

  4. Beautiful room! Lovin' the butterflies and the crown and the mirror, oh my!

  5. Butterflies are "in" right now as everyone is starting to think SRING!!!
    Don't forget to stop by our blog. We will be announcing the $100 Lowe's gift card winner!

  6. Such a beautiful looks delightful. your daughter must love her room ! ~Kym

  7. These are darling Cynthia! Love the sweet butterflies and how you have arranged them on the wall~ so sweet! Love your daughters name sign too! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  8. I love that wall. Thanks for the tip I have to go check it up.
    Greetings from Finland

  9. Those butterflies are adorable and I love the crown over your daughters name.

  10. Wow. The room was beautiful before, but those butterflies make the room POP!

  11. Hi,
    This room is so cute! I love how you've placed the butterflies around the circular design elements, it really shows off my work. Seeing this just made my day. Thanks! :)
    -Jacqueline of Hip and Clavicle

  12. BTW, that bookcase is awesome! Only 50 dollars? Great job! Is it from scratch or an Ikea hack?


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